Friday, April 1

The Big Fear by Andrew Case

When Officer Ralph Mulino shot and killed an armed man one night he hadn’t known the man was a cop. Neither did he know that by time the scene was investigated that cops weapon would’ve disappeared and that he would then be accused of shooting an unarmed man. Leonard Mitchell, head of the Department to Investigate Misconduct and Corruption is tasked with investigating Mulino. As he digs deeper into the story he begins to uncover something deeper and more sinister. He must find a way to uncover the truth without tipping off the wrong people.

The Big Fear is a tense thriller. It a time where police involved shootings and accused misconduct seems to be regularly on the news, this story feels especially timely. While it doesn’t deal with the issue of minority victims, it still plays with the idea of corruption within law enforcement.

Author Andrew Case deals with this issue well. He is able to paint of picture of how corruption may work within law enforcement. As a former investigator of police misconduct himself he certainly is able to bring a wealth of knowledge and understanding to the story.

Mulino is an engaging character and I enjoyed seeing how he navigated the situation. Unfortunately, I found that his presence in the story was far lighter than I anticipated, appearing every few chapters or so. Given that the investigation was about him I was eager to read more about what he was doing and how events affected him. However, that information came in spurts.

Most of the story was centered on Leonard’s part of the investigation. Leonard strong enough character and I did enjoy seeing the story from the perspective of a civilian, but what truly drove the story forward were the twists and turns. There was one particularly tense moment involving Leonard at a crime scene which was probably the highlight of the story. It’s too bad the story started to go downhill near the end. Despite the strength of the buildup, Case ended up pushing the edge of believability for me with an over the top wrap up. While the set up was strong and I enjoyed most of the journey, then end didn’t quite cut it for me.

3/5 Stars
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