Sunday, November 15

A Spy Among Friends by Ben Macintyre

Kim Philby is one of history’s greatest spies. During the cold war he rose the ranks of Britain’s counterintelligence. What none of his colleagues, especially his friend Nicholas Elliott, knew was that Philby was secretly sending intelligence to Moscow. In A Spy Among Friends Ben Macintyre recounts the story of Philby, paying specific attention to the relationship between Philby and Nicolas Elliott.

From the beginning, Macintyre is careful to note that this is not a biography of Kim Philby. Rather, seeks to show the friendship between Philby and Elliott. Furthermore, much of the story is shrouded in mystery since so many files from the MI6, CIA, and KGB are locked. As such, Macintyre attempts to do the best he can from secondary sources. With those caveats, he manages to put together quite a thorough sounding story.