Wednesday, October 14

The Curse of Crow Hollow by Billy Coffey

There’s a witch up in the mountain. Or so the rumor goes. Alvaretta Graves is an old widow who lives alone, and she stays secluded from those around her. Some say she’s insane, while others insist that she’s a witch. Regardless, no one wants to run across her. But when a group of teenagers stumble across her cabin, she curses them. After they return to town strange things start happening in the small town of Crow Hollow, things that no one can explain.

Author Billy Coffey has an unusual writing style. The Curse of Crow Hollow is written as if someone is telling the story, and the narrator sometimes address the reader a bit more directly and uses person pronouns to refer to himself/herself. I’m not sure if the narrator is supposed to by Coffey, or if it’s supposed to be a side member of the town who’s never directly introduced. It took a few pages to get used to it, but eventually I did. However, I found that sometimes the narrator interjections to be distracting.

I did appreciate how Coffey dealt with the darker themes of the story.  The story doesn’t feature your stereotypical heroes, and Coffey shows the darkness within the heroes, as well as the other characters. Sometimes it felt a little bit too on the nose (especially with the preacher), but far too often I feel that Christian writers make their lead characters too perfect.

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the story itself very engaging. While I didn’t know completely how the ending would go, the book definitely seemed to be going on a specific course while only loosely trying to hide the fact. However, being able guess what a little bit of the ended would be made it hard fall completely into the terror the characters are feeling. I’m sure fans of Coffey’s other novels will enjoy this one, but it just wasn’t for me.

2/5 Stars

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