Thursday, July 23

A Fellowship of Differents by Scot McKnight

In his newest book, A Fellowship of Differents, Scot McKnight takes a look at what the church is supposed to be. To find his answer he turns to the letters by the Apostle Paul. For many people today church is a place to go on Sundays to sing some worship music, hear a sermon, and partake in communion. Usually that church is composed of people very similar to us, usually sharing in the same culture. In looking through Paul’s letters, Scot proposes that the church is meant to be something else. The church in the New Testament is composed of a variety of people from different areas and different cultures, they are a group of differents, but today the church is often composed of a fellowship of those who are alike.

Wednesday, July 1

John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography

Are you a budding photographer? Does nature photography especially interest you? If so, then John Shaw has written a guide just for you. His book includes sections on gear, camera basics, composition, close-ups and more. While he often does go into some of the basics, Shaw also assumes you have at least some knowledge of cameras. Maybe you’ve ever touched a DSLR, but you at least know how to point and shoot a camera. Shaw also realizes that people reading this book may already have some DSLR experience.

Coming into this book I already have DSLR experience and enjoy photography as a hobby. I use a Canon 60D (Shaw prefers Nikon but also knows that everyone has their preference) and already had an understanding of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. Despite this, the intro sections served as a nice refresher course and in some cases gave me some insight that I didn’t have before, especially when talking about aperture and shutter priority. I had never used those settings before but am now interested in trying out aperture priority sometime.