Monday, March 30

Scary Close by Donald Miller

I’ve enjoyed reading Donald Miller’s books ever since I first picked up Blue Like Jazz (something which I’m sure many of his fans have also experienced). When I heard he had a new book out, I was eager to pick it up. Scary Close is certainly different that his earlier books, but it was still a great read. Whereas his earlier books were more based around spirituality or spiritual themes, this one focused more on relationships. That isn’t to say he ignored his faith at all, but rather that it wasn’t the focus of the book.

After many failed attempts at relationships, Donald Miller began to see past the drama in his past to understand why he had a hard time connecting with people. What he found startled him. He spent so much of his time trying to impress people, and had a strange balance of trying to be a private person while yearning for close relationships with other people. The problem was that he was hiding himself behind a false persona. So he decided to drop the act and just be himself.

Thursday, March 19

World Gone By by Dennis Lehane

Its late spring in Florida and the United States is in the middle of a second world war. Meanwhile, former crime boss Joe Coughlin is working for the Bartolo family in Florida and Cuba. After his wife died a decade earlier, Joe works to raise his son to re-establish himself. So far it’s working as he’s gained wealth and power. But then everything is on the verge of collapse as Joe learns that someone wants him dead, and he doesn’t have long to figure out who it is.

Now, before I go any further, I have a confession to make. I ordered this novel because the description intrigued me. What I did not realize was that this book is the third in a series. Whoops!