Thursday, October 30

The Dunning Man by Kevin Fortuna

In his debut novel, Kevin Fortuna allows us to peek inside the lives of 6 characters through six short stories. The characters and their situations never overlap, but they’re tied together in their humanity. These characters have their own struggles, and their own problems. One of them has planned a wonderful evening with the woman of his dreams, but nothing seems to be going his way as he takes the train to pick her up. Another man struggles with tenants, all of whom are in quite strange situations.

Fortuna is a strong writer. Though his stories are short and the entire book is under 150 pages, the characters he creates are fleshed out and feel real, something which authors of 300+ page novels have a hard enough time doing. Despite the troubles the characters encounter, Fortuna also manages to weave a bit of wit and humor under the tension.

Wednesday, October 15

Pursuing Justice by Ken Wytsma with D.R. Jacobsen

These days it seems that everything needs to be politicized. If democrats are for something you can reasonable guess that republicans will be against it, and vice versa. One of the things that has become politicized recently is that of justice. But is the common portrayal of justice by either political party a good one? Ken Wytsma, writing with D.R. Jacobsen, seeks to show what he believes true Biblical justice looks like. In his vision it’s not a liberal or a conservative issue. It’s a human issue, one deeply vital to our world.

 For Ken, justice is a part of God’s plan for us. If we are not seeking out justice, then we are failing to follow a part of God’s commands. Through the books he references scripture to back up his view, such as Luke 4:18 or Psalm 9:16.