Tuesday, September 30

City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

Once upon a time the gods reigned supreme. But then a catastrophe, called the Blink, wiped them out. The government that rose up worked to erase any mention of the gods, trying to cover up history and censor their subjects. The oppressors rule with an iron fist.

Shara Thivani enters into the city of Bulikov as a junior diplomat from the city’s oppressors. Unofficially she is one of their top spies, and she was sent to investigate a murder. Joining her is her ‘secretary’ Sigrud, a giant of a man who causes grown men to quake in their boots.

During her investigation, Shara begins to question: Are the gods are truly gone or if there is some remnant of their power still at play? Throw in former lovers and secret organizations and the air of mystery in Bulikov grows thicker.

Saturday, September 13

Let's All Be Brave by Annie F. Downs

Author of several books for young adults, Annie F. Downs admits that she’s not exactly the bravest person. But she realizes that there is courage within her, and hopes to show others that courage is also within them, even when they don’t feel brave. Using examples from her own life and from the Bible.

Let’s All Be Brave reads as a mash up between memoir and self-help. It’s a very conversational book and many chapters almost feel as if Annie is just sitting down and casually sharing her life story with you.

At the end though, this book didn’t really do much for me. I had a hard time with her writing style. She. Wrote. A. Lot. Of. Sentences. Like. This. I’m usually ok with a couple instances of that, as long as they are used effectively, but this technique seemed strangely placed.