Wednesday, June 25

Dear Luke, We Need to Talk. Dad by John Moe

What would the letters or journal entries look like from some of your favorite fictional characters? What if they had access to online message boards? This is the simple premise of John Moe’s newest book, Dear Luke We Need to Talk. Darth. Thrown in the mix are some real world events, such as a series of ‘proposals’ for Super Bowl halftime shows. References from The Wizard of Oz, to E.T., to Star Trek.

From the opening pages, I was ready to enjoy my evening. While the first two letter hardly elicited a gut busting laugh, they certainly made me chuckle.

Then it started getting rocky.

Saturday, June 14

Know the Heretics by Justin S. Holcomb

I’ve seen a lot of chatter online recently about heretics. It seems that certain segments of the church love nothing more than accusing others of heresy. If a well-known author or speaker says something they disagree with, or if they hold a different interpretation of a certain biblical text, then they are labeled either a heretic or a false prophet.

How often are these accusations of heresy true? Could that person truly be a heretic? If so, there seem to be an awful lot of heretics running around. Just google the following names followed by the word ‘is’ and you’ll find that ‘heretic’ is one of the top suggested words to complete the search. Go ahead and try, I’ll wait.

Joel Osteen
Rick Warren
Rob Bell
Donald Miller
Shane Claiborne
Philip Yancey

Chances are you may not agree with everything single thing that all of these people have said or believe. But are they heretics? Or is that word being thrown around with a proper understanding of what it means?

In the wise words of Inigo Montoya, “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”