Saturday, October 26

You'll Get Through this by Max Lucado

Sometimes life just seems to beat you down: A cancer diagnoses, a death in the family, divorce, or abuse. They wear you down and you just wonder, “How am I ever going to get through this? Will I ever get through this?” If you ask Max Lucado, he will tell you that you can get through it.

Lucado illustrates his points with the story of Joseph, from when his brothers tossed him into a pit to reuniting with his family. Joseph’s life seems to spiral downward. Yet through it all he did not lose hope. He kept hoping and praying. He is never shown to grow angry or bitter at his situation.

Mixed with the story of Joseph are the stories of people who Lucado knows as well as stories about historical figures or events.  One such story is that of a woman who grew up abused and abandoned. Despite the hardships she grew up with, she now works in fighting against human trafficking.

Thursday, October 17

Outlaw by Ted Dekker

There are places on earth that are so removed from modern civilizations that to visit them would feel like stepping back in time. These are places where the laws of the jungle rule and the people are fractured into tribes. Modern technology is usually glimpsed from afar and usually seen to be the work of evil spirits or gods. Julian (Julie) Carter, a young woman from Georgia, is thrust into the heart of such a place after a savage storm pummels the boat she is on.
And that’s not the worst part. 
Her son, Stephen, is swept with the sea, lost to the crashing waves, while Julie is pulled on shore by the natives. She is taken captive, her life on the line unless she agrees to bear a son for one of the princes. Then she finds that her son may still be alive and is the same island she is. Julie risks her life to save him. Stephen becomes known as Outlaw, and he may be the only person who can rescue his mother.

Saturday, October 12

The Hero's Lot by Patrick W. Carr

After a promising first book in Patrick W. Carr’s “The Staff and the Sword” series, The Hero’s Lot picks up the story shortly after the end of the first. After a corrupt church leader flees the capitol, Errol Stone thinks that the fight is over. However, life does not return to peace. Errol is accused of working with spirits, a grave offense. As punishment, the church puts a compulsion on him to find the traitorous church leader, Sarin Valon.

While Errol is on his journey, the priests who mentored him in the first book, Martin and Luis, are sent to investigate Errol’s past. During their journey they uncover they discover information that Errol could’ve never guessed.