Tuesday, July 16

Outreach and the Artist by Con Campbell

What is the place of evangelism in art? This is a question many Christians have asked in the creation of art. It is certainly a question I have thought of. Campbell outlines the three ways he sees how artists can engage in outreach: Outreach With the Arts, Outreach Through the Arts, and Outreach To the Arts. He also includes chapters on other topics, such as how artists can interact with the church and. Each chapter includes an artist profile which shows how others approach their faith and the arts.

I appreciated how Campbell understands that not all artists seek the same thing through their arts. Some Christian artists display an obvious religious message through their work while others do not necessarily have a religious message but instead would rather share their faith within the artistic community. Too often artists who are Christians are pressured to make ‘Christian’ arts, even when their intended audience would not react well to it. Out of all the chapters, the one on the church and the artist is one that could benefit many congregations. There is also some overlap from this chapter with the chapter on Outreach With the Arts which shows how many venues do not correctly understand an artists’ needs.