Thursday, June 13

Dead Lawyer's Tell No Tales by Randy Singer

Landon Reed is a changed man. He used to be a quarterback, but served time in prison for a point-shaving scheme. While imprisoned he converted to Christianity and worked to turn his life around. After being released, he sought a law degree, knowing full well that his time in prison may prevent him from ever working as a lawyer.

Harry McNaughten, a cofounder of a law firm, decides to give Landon a change. Landon quickly accepts, grateful for the trust put in him. When the two of them start working on a murder case, Harry is killed in a seemingly random accident. However, others at the law firm as soon targeted as well. Will Landon end up in the cross hairs and will he be able to sustain the case without his mentor?

I’ve enjoyed many of Randy Singer’s novels and looked forward to starting this one. I love reading courtroom novels and seeing how the courtroom works, even if a fictional and heavily dramatized setting.

Though the story starts out a bit slow, the tension quickly rises. Characters are solidly established and I loved the interactions between Harry and Landon. I was also pleasantly surprised by a subplot involving Landon’s wife. Her story also moves at a brisk pace, and I found myself as interested in what she was doing as I was with Landon. As the book drew near the end, I had no idea what would happen

Unfortunately I found the ending to be a bit of a disappointment. A few characters actions didn’t seem to fit with what had already been established, and in some ways made me no longer trust them as characters. Perhaps Singer is planning another novel with these same characters, but I thought that the actions they did were not necessary, and actually dulled the impact of the climax. And all of that was in the final chapter.
However, that point I thoroughly enjoyed the book. If you read, I highly recommend skipping the last chapter and the epilogue that follow. Without those two sections I would’ve rated the book 4/5. However, the impact they have on the story had a negative impact on which has tapered my enjoyment.

3/5 stars

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