Thursday, May 16

Bound Together by Chris Brauns

Individuality is something desired by many, especially in the United States. We want to be judged by our own choices and make our own path. When someone else's choices negatively affect us we want to be disassociated with that person. In Bound Together, Chris Brauns wants to show that we are not isolated, but are bound together.

The phrase Chris uses throughout the book is the ‘principle of the rope,’ meaning that we are tied to each other, or bound to each other. He starts out by explaining how Adam’s sin binds us together. Because of Adam’s sin, Chris writes, we have a corrupt nature and that the pain and suffering we experience today was, “predicated on Adam’s failure in the garden.” Chris is quick to point out though, that this is not the end, nor the only rope. We are also bound together because of Christ.

Saturday, May 11

Altared: The True Story of a She, a He, and How They Both Got Too Worked Up About We by Claire and Eli

Ring by spring. That seemed to be the motto of the Christian University I attended, and I saw this played out more than once. And it wasn’t just that college. It seems that many churches, regardless of the denomination, strongly push marriage, even to those who are not in a romantic relationship. While the churches encouragement toward marriage can be good, it also has the ability to be too forceful and Christians may feel pressured to marry earlier than they otherwise might.

This idea is deconstructed in Altared by Eli and Claire (both pseudonyms). They are not saying that marriage is bad, however they believe an unnecessary amount of focus in put on marriage by the church. While marriage is good and is biblical, churches sometimes make it feel like a commandment. Instead of encouraging singles to practice discipleship and serving, the stereotypical ‘singles’ class feels like dating prep class. Eli and Claire use the story of their relationship to illustrate how this over emphasis on marriage hurt their relationship. They also take time to look at what they find the Bible says about marriage, as well as looking at other Christian writers say about marriage. All in all it reads as part story and part devotional/bible study.