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God's Not Dead by Rice Broocks

It seems like attacks against Christianity are growing more direct and reaching an ever widening audience. At the same time, it is rare to hear a solid defense to the attacks. Usually defense’s offered seem shallow, or they don’t hit as wide an audience. This is what prompted Rice Broocks to write God’s Not Dead. This is his attempt to answer Atheisms charge.

The book is roughly divided into two sections. The first section is focused more on faith and science, with Broocks arguing that Christianity is not incompatible with science. This focus is heaviest in chapter 4 and 5, which are about creation and God’s creation of mankind. Early chapters also cover topics such as the presence of evil and faith versus reason. The second half of the book focuses mostly on the accuracy of the Bible, which includes looking at historical proof for the texts.

Broocks covers the ground competently, but the first half of the book feels more like a re-tread of what other people have already written instead of taking a fresh stance. In fact, at times it seemed like a rather large percent of the chapters were quotes from other authors. Sometimes the quotes work well, such as when Broocks quotes atheists, as he then offers his answer or explanation. Other times he quotes other Christian writers and theologians (C.S. Lewis is a favorite) and doesn’t always offer additional remarks of substance, and it feels more like, “Yup, I agree with what that guy wrote.” C.S. Lewis is one of my favorite writers, but with how often Broocks seemed to quote him I’d rather have just read C.S. Lewis. The second half of the book reads much better, and I found it to be much more interesting, especially when looking at historical evidence for the truth of the Bible. While some of it was familiar, it is something I enjoy reading, and Broocks organizes it in a clean and easy way, though it occasionally still suffers from more quotes than what I thought were needed.

As an apologetics book, I think it has the ability to do what it sets out to do, equip Christians with information which will help them be sure of their faith. It is not meant as a witnessing tool, though I’m sure people could take the information in here for such a purpose. However, the book is not always an engaging read. The long sections of quotes caused me to want to skim, and I had to force myself to read through the sections. This is not a bad book, but I feel that it could be fresher than it is. My recommendation would be to check it out of the library to be sure you like it before buying.

And yes, the title is inspired by the song by the Newsboys,

3/5 stars

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