Thursday, April 18

Captive in Iran - A Review

Occasionally you may hear a news story about religious persecution around the world. A church being burned, rights for certain religions lost, or people being arrested or killed for their belief. But the news just reports the occurrence. Rarely do they seem to show the whole story of persecution. While the persecution is a terrible thing, there are sometimes glimmers of hope.

Maryam Rostampour and Marzieyeh Amirizadeh are two friends who lived together in Iran. Though they each grew up in an Islamic household, they never believed themselves to be followers of Islam, instead becoming Christians. They knew that rejecting Islam in Iran could be dangerous, yet they willing shared their faith with people who asked. In 2009 they were arrested and eventually made their way to Evin Prison in Tehran, which has a history of torture and executions. In all they spent 259 days in Evin Prison merely because they were seen handing out some Bibles.

Saturday, April 6

God's Not Dead by Rice Broocks

It seems like attacks against Christianity are growing more direct and reaching an ever widening audience. At the same time, it is rare to hear a solid defense to the attacks. Usually defense’s offered seem shallow, or they don’t hit as wide an audience. This is what prompted Rice Broocks to write God’s Not Dead. This is his attempt to answer Atheisms charge.

The book is roughly divided into two sections. The first section is focused more on faith and science, with Broocks arguing that Christianity is not incompatible with science. This focus is heaviest in chapter 4 and 5, which are about creation and God’s creation of mankind. Early chapters also cover topics such as the presence of evil and faith versus reason. The second half of the book focuses mostly on the accuracy of the Bible, which includes looking at historical proof for the texts.