Friday, March 29

A Cast of Stones by Patrick W. Carr

Errol Stone is a nobody. An orphan and a drunkard, he does odd jobs so that he can buy more ale. He has no dreams or aspirations, and seems to be the stereotypical hero found in fantasy stories, as well as being somewhat of a stereotypical hero in Christian themed fiction. Fantasy stories seem filed with heroes who come from lowly backgrounds. From Luke Skywalker to Bilbo Baggins, they hardly seem heroic when they start off. While this can lead to a strong transformation in the hero, not much seems to be done to differentiate Errol from other similar heroes at first. The drunkenness is a common character trait I’ve seen in Christian fiction, as a way to make the character flawed. The character can then fight against this flaw, and if/when the beat it, we can see them as true heroes. There isn’t much new to this flaw either, and sometimes it comes off as gimmicky and unnecessary space is given to it.