Sunday, January 6

Judge by R.J. Larson

Shortly after the events in Prophet, Ela of Parne is once again called by the Infinite. Her task is to travel back to her hometown, where the people have fallen away from the Infinite. If Parne does not repent, it will be destroyed. At the same time, Kien is on military leave. He has fallen in love with Ela and would join her, except the Infinite calls him away on another mission. Separated, they must hope they will be reunited and not die in service to the Infinite.

Once again, R.J. Larson captures an Old Testament feel to her story, as the story contains even more overtones of the prophets. One story thread in particular carries themes and ideas from Jonah, though it doesn’t follow the story beat for beat. Like the first book there are some strange creatures, though this time around they feel more natural to the world and the story. As before, the destroyers often provide comic relief.

Ela still sufferes from being too perfect, but Kien grew into an even stronger character. Unlike Ela who follows the Infinite with little to no questioning, Kien has a tendency to push against the rules. This rashness makes him feel much stronger than Ela as a character. For much of the story he is on an island, and I found these to be some of my favorite scenes of the story, his frustration at the inhabitants seeming very real.

Unlike Prophet, there were some surprises along the way. Though character acted as most would expect them to, the results were not always expected. A character who contracts a life-threatening ailment prompts one of the most emotional parts of the book. Some of the weaknesses, though, are still present. As mentioned earlier, Ela still isn’t a strong protagonist, though she is a bit better. Also, the whole story rests on Dues Ex Machina. In a story where the protagonist is guided by Creator of the Earth, it means there aren’t going to be many surprises at the end and nothing the characters do can surprise the Infinite.


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