Friday, December 28

The Lawyer's Lawyer by James Sheehan

Lawyers today have a reputation for greed and a willingness to slap anybody with a lawsuit.  While some may rightly have earned it, this is not the case for Jack Tobin.  Jack is not only one of the best lawyers around, the guy other lawyer’s would want to have represent them if needed, a “lawyer’s lawyer,” he is also a good person who cares more for his clients than a paycheck.

The story opens, briefly introducing us to Jack in 1991 before whisking us forward in time a few different times.  After a fairly lengthy set up, we begin to get to the heart of the plot.  Jack takes on the case of suspected serial killer who is on death row, but who Jack believes was set up.  In doing so he finds most of the town against him, including the women he has fallen in love with.  As the case goes deeper, Jack finds himself fighting for his life in developments he never could’ve seen coming.

At the end I really wanted to like The Lawyer’s Lawyer, but had to settle for average.  The first third moved at a strange pace and at times I had a hard time seeing how a particular scene would pertain to the overall plot.  Further, after a couple pages of introduction to Jack, he disappears for fifty pages before being brought back into the story.  While these pages then are used to Danni, I ended up feeling more connected to her than I did Jack, though he was supposed to be the main character.  Jack seemed too perfect, and though he made some occasional mistakes, they weren’t character flaws.  It was this sense that Jack was a little too perfect that made it hard for me to feel connected to him.

However, after the initial 100 pages the story began to pick up steam.  The story moved in directions which genuinely surprised me.  In opening the book, I had an idea of how it would end, however my theory had to be thrown out the window half way through.  The twists and turns helped elevate the story beyond my initial impressions.

While not an amazing court room drama, I found the story to be less predictable than other’s I’ve read, through the lead wasn’t as interesting as I tend to like.  If you enjoy court room dramas, this one might just keep you entertained while keeping you guessing.

3/5 stars

I received this book free from Center Street, a division of Hachette Book Group, Inc.  I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255

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