Monday, December 31

Prophet by R.J. Larson

Ela of Parne is only 17 years old, yet the Infinite has chosen her to be His prophet. She is the first female prophet of Parne and she knows that prophets die young. That is not exactly an encouraging thought. Ela is called to Istgard, where the people have turned away from the Infinite. In a story strongly influenced by the judges and prophets of the Old Testament, Ela must convince the people to turn from their sinful ways or be doomed.

Joining her is her younger sister, Tzana, who suffers a disease causing her to age pre-maturely. She also meets up with Kien, an ambassador from Traceland who also seeks to save his people from Istgard. Will Ela faithfully serve the Infinite, knowing it will likely lead to her death, or will her feelings win out?

Saturday, December 29

The Best Question Ever by Andy Stanley

We make choices every day.  Sometimes they turn out good, other times they don’t.  Each decision we make tends to be made through different processes.  What if there was a single question we could ask ourselves which would help us make a better choice?  In The Best Question Ever, Andy Stanley seeks to reveal that question to us and explains why he finds it to be such an important question.

The first part of the book explains the question and what it is meant for (for the sake of the review, I won’t reveal the question).  Though the question doesn’t seem particularly hard to understand, Stanley still devotes several chapters to deconstructing it.  It actually takes a couple of chapters before he even reveals the question.  The rest of the book then goes a bit deeper into the application of the question and includes both hypothetical and real examples of where it could help.

Friday, December 28

The Lawyer's Lawyer by James Sheehan

Lawyers today have a reputation for greed and a willingness to slap anybody with a lawsuit.  While some may rightly have earned it, this is not the case for Jack Tobin.  Jack is not only one of the best lawyers around, the guy other lawyer’s would want to have represent them if needed, a “lawyer’s lawyer,” he is also a good person who cares more for his clients than a paycheck.

The story opens, briefly introducing us to Jack in 1991 before whisking us forward in time a few different times.  After a fairly lengthy set up, we begin to get to the heart of the plot.  Jack takes on the case of suspected serial killer who is on death row, but who Jack believes was set up.  In doing so he finds most of the town against him, including the women he has fallen in love with.  As the case goes deeper, Jack finds himself fighting for his life in developments he never could’ve seen coming.

Sunday, December 16

Finding God in The Hobbit by Jim Ware

I was in fourth grade when my parents read The Hobbit to me.  Through the weeks of reading I was transported to Middle Earth.  Though Bilbo’s adventure eventually came to the end, I discovered there were further tales of Middle Earth and soon listened to my parents recount the tale of The Lord of the Rings.  These stories have remained among my favorite ever since.

Having read a couple of biographies on J.R.R. Tolkien, I knew he was Christian, and though his stories may not always have obvious spiritual themes woven in them, I knew they were present, at least in part.  This led me to Jim Ware’s Finding God in The Hobbit.  Knowing of Tolkien’s Christian background, I was interested in the insight given.