Friday, September 7

The Breakthrough by Jerry B. Jenkins

After Jerry B. Jenkins’ TheBetrayal improved upon the The Brotherhood, I decided to check out this third book.  Following the events in the previous books, Boone Drake needs a vacation.  He lost his first wife and child to a fire, got shot, and then had his new girlfriend accused of leaking classified information.  If that’s not enough to tire a guy out, I don’t know what is.  Boone definitely seems to be on the path towards relaxation, especially now that he is married to Haeley and adopted her son.  But, he’s a cop, and there never seems to be an end to the number of bad guys.

Taking cues from TheBrotherhood, things once again go wrong for Boone, and again his family is caught in the middle.  Only this time boon might actually have a chance at helping.  Just when he feels like he cannot leave Haeley’s side, he becomes aware of a human trafficking ring which forces him to look toward Beijing in a story that at times threatened to become the Christian version of Taken.

Monday, September 3

House of Mercy by Erin Healy

Beth is a young woman with a dream of becoming a vet. She has a love of animals, and as she works with injured animals, she begins to wonder if she has a gift of healing.  Being a vet would allow her to work at her parent’s ranch in a role that she would enjoy.  However, in an attempt to help a nearby family, Beth causes a terrible accident.  The consequences of her actions are more than her family can afford to pay.  To save the ranch and atone for her mistake, Beth must find her grandfather, who she didn’t even know was alive.  Her guide: a wolf, which might not even be real.

House of Mercy is Erin Healy’s fourth solo novel, and the third I have read.  She also co-authored two books with Ted Dekker, Kiss and Burn.  Once again, Healy brings some supernatural elements to her writing, though they appear much more subdued this time, most of the time being completely absent.