Wednesday, May 30

The Storytelling Animal by Jonathan Gottschall

What stories do you like? What ways do you like to engage with stories?  The answers to these questions vary widely from person to person.  You may like to read romance stories, while others like to watch comedic ones on TV.  Others prefer the storytelling in music. 

How about this: Why do you like stories?  What is it about story that is so important to us that we have created so many forms of storytelling?  Tales at the water cooler, gossip magazines in the grocery store isle, entire stores filled with books, and large rooms where you sit and watch a screen while surrounded by strangers are all venues for stories. Why?  This is the question that Jonathan engages with in his book.

Tuesday, May 22

Martha Marcy May Marlene – script review

This is a first for me.  While I’ve reviewed movies before, I’ve never reviewed just the screenplay.  Last week I decided that I should read more screenplays.  I read a lot of novels and non-fiction books, but if I want to write screenplays, then I should be reading screenplays, both professional and amateur.  While I won’t review all of them, Martha Marcy May Marlene left me with a lot of varied thoughts.  I have not seen the film.

Martha is a young woman who became entangled in a cult.  She was welcomed into the community and greeted with kindness.  Though it was a lifestyle new to her, she seemed to quickly grow into it.  Growing into the cult further began to reveal a darker side.  Though she had made the cult her life, Martha realized she could not stay.  So she runs away, and when she does so, she fears for her life.

Saturday, May 19

The Story Telling Animal - book trailer

Review coming May 30th. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.