Tuesday, April 17

The 13th Tribe by Robert Liparulo

After the Israelites were caught worshiping the Golden Calf at the foot of Mt. Sinai, they were severely punished by God.  They are punished by God for their sin.  However, Liparulo paints a picture in which the true extend of the punishment is not completely revealed in Exodus.  Of the Israelites, a number of them were placed in a 13th tribe.  This tribe was cursed with immortality, keeping them separated from God.  They hope to gain God’s favor by killing sinners.

The tribe, still alive today, has something huge planned.  Outfitted with advanced technology they are planning one of their largest strikes yet.  In their planning they cross paths with Jagger, a man with torn faith.  When Jagger’s family is pulled into the fray he must find a way to stop this group of immortal vigilantes.

Thursday, April 5


A friend of mine is directing a short sci-fi film and is trying to raise money to fund the project. Have you ever wanted to back a movie? Maybe be an executive producer? Or do you just love science fiction? If so, you should check out his Kickstarter page and see if this project is something that interests you.

Here's a short video with some information about the project.