Monday, October 24

Why Men Hate Going To Church by David Murrow

Churches today are facing a problem: they are having trouble drawing in men.  According to Murrow, a typical church service’s attendance is predominantly female, at 61%.  Furthermore, women tend to volunteer more, and most Christian colleges also have a noticeable gap between male and female attendance.  Why Men Hate Going to Church was originally published in 2005, however Thomas Nelson has released an updated and revised version of the book.  The updated version includes materials from other books by Murrow and he has trimmed some content he now sees as unnecessary or redundant, as well as including updated numbers and figures when possible.

After some misunderstandings after the first printing, Murrow makes it clear that he is not blaming women for the problem, nor is he blaming men.  His goal is show that the gender gap exists in church, reasons for it, and ways to encourage men back into church.

Wednesday, October 19

Over It official music video - Cities and Saints

Here is Cities and Saints second official music video for their song "Over It," which I edited with the director.  This was a fun project to edit and I still find the song getting stuck in my head from time to time.

Tuesday, October 18

The Bone House by Stephen R. Lawhead

After the sudden, and surprise, ending of The Skin Map, I was curious how Lawhead would continue the series. Though The Skin Map was not my favorite work of his, I generally enjoy his novels. The Bone House mostly picks up close to where The Skin Map left off. I say mostly because when dealing with alternate universes and various times, some events begin to happen in a non-linear fashion.

Having reconnected with Wilhelmina, Kit searches for other elements of the Skin Map, hoping to find them before the Burley men find them. Wilhelmina aids him when possible, though she is careful to keep up work at a coffee house in one of the alternate dimensions. In that world she is close to some alchemists who have created a device capable of reading ley lines. Added to the cast is Arthur’s grandson, a man willing to do anything to recover the Skin Map and who serves as a second villain, after Burleigh.

Tuesday, October 11

Church Diversity - a short video

I've found myself watching this video several times over the past couple of days. The poetic nature of the lyrics and visuals bear re-watching to let the ideas settle in. I'm hoping to get my hands on the book, as I'm sure it will be an interesting read.

Have you read the book yet? Is it as thought provoking as the video?