Wednesday, August 17

Star Wars: Ascension by Christie Golden

*There may be spoilers for earlier books in the series*

Ascension begins with a whirlwind of events.  The Lost Tribe of the Sith is preparing for a visit from Abeloth, still unsure if they are going to kill her or ally with her.  Her knowledge seems vast but they do not want her to slip out of their control.  Meanwhile, Coruscant is still adjusting to the coup which overthrew Daala and put in place a temporary Triumvirate, on which Jedi Master Saba is a member of.  The rest of the Jedi are now also free to assist Luke and Ben in their hunt for the Abeloth and the Lost Tribe (along with the help of Sith apprentice, Vestera).

After being disappointed in the pacing of Conviction, I was happy to see Ascension start off with a brisk pace that didn’t let up.  The beginning chapters allowed for one of the strongest opening for the series so far as Golden gives us a wonderful look into the Lost Tribe’s culture.

In addition to an excellent pace, Golden includes many plot twists including imposters, an assassination attempts, and allegiances being redrawn.

All of that said, the storyline with Luke tended to be one of my least favorite.  For part of the book Luke, Ben, Jaina, and Vestera are searching planets rich in Sith history for members of the Lost Tribe.  Though there is some semi-interesting character development, I felt like not all of it progressed the story.  Thankfully, those sections took up very little time compared to other story lines.  Once Luke returned to Coruscant (now that Daala is no longer in charge), it became much more interesting.

Most of the twists that occurred were quite unpredictable, though some of them were mildly unbelievable.  Thankfully they were still well written.  This is also my favorite entry by Golden into the series.  I was very disappointed by Omen and thought Allies was okay.  All in all, I would say this is second favorite book in the series, Vortex being my favorite.

4/5 stars

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