Monday, June 13

Heaven is for Real

At the age of four, Colton Burpo had to have an emergency appendectomy.  The symptoms had been preset for days but had initially been misdiagnosed and Colton’s appendix burst days before he finally got the surgery.  Later, after the surgery Colton revealed to his parents (his father is a pastor) that during the surgery he went to heaven.  He tells about events he should’ve had no way of knowing, including details about his great grandfather (who he never knew) and about a miscarriage his mother had before he was even born.

The selling point on this book is of course that of a little boy seeing Heaven.  However, even the surrounding story kept my interest and at times was shocking, humorous, and heartwarming.  Colton’s father, Todd, wrote the book with Lynn Vincent, however he wonderfully captures his son’s personality to the extent that I could imagine Colton was standing beside me recounting the tale.

The writing is smooth, making this a book for easy reading.  The purpose of the book is not to teach theology or to teach about heaven, but rather to share the experiences of Colton.  I truly enjoyed this book.  Is the picture painted here what Heaven will truly look like?  I don’t know.  It’s something we’ll never know with 100% accuracy until either death or until the events in Revelation come to pass.

4/5 stars

There are some who are skeptical of this book, based on some of the negative reviews I have read.  To an extent they have reason to.    Just because someone claims to see heaven doesn’t mean they actually did.  However, some have accused the parents of planting the story in Colton’s head with no evidence to back their claim.  While I suppose this is possible, there is no evidence of this in the book.  And now that the book has been out for a while, I have not heard any evidence arise that would suggest that.  The book does not feel like it was written to earn money but rather to share the experience of this four year old child.  Plus, Thomas Nelson, the publisher of this book, seems to be a trustworthy company.  I do not believe they would publish a book if they thought the idea was false or that the parents were taking advantage of their son’s experience.

You can visit the website, Heaven is for Real for more information.


  1. I was looking at this book. thanks for reviewing this! it was helpful!

  2. Hi Rachel, I glad I could be helpful! When you get a chance to read stop back by and let me know what you think!