Saturday, March 26

The Cape Season Finale

Finally I had a chance to watch the season (and most likely series) finale for NBC’s The Cape.  If you haven’t already, you can check out my review of the whole series up to this point here.  There will be spoilers here, as I will be both reviewing and doing some analyzing of the finale.

At the end of Episode 9, Vince and Orwell finally get video evidence tying Ark to Scales, a known crime boss.  Orwell releases the video on her blog and soon news stations are abuzz with charging Ark and Peter Flemming (leader of Ark and criminal mastermind Scales) of corruption.  Flemming denies any knowledge of this, placing blame fully on Marty Voyt, Chief of Police and Vince’s former best friend (for those who don’t remember Marty betrayed Vince to Flemming and helped frame Vince as Chess.  Everyone now believes Vince is dead).

Vince’s wife, an attorney, takes on Marty’s case, hoping to help a family friend.  She doesn’t know of his betrayal.  This presents one of the strongest character moments in the entire series, yet it feels out of place.  Marty is now fully faced with his past and now has to struggle to keep his betrayal hidden, his family safe from Flemming, while forming a way to present evidence against Flemming.  And the show actually handled it pretty well.  I sensed true emotion from the character and for the first time in the entire season, he connected with the audience.

 However, the reason it feels out of place is because until this moment he is a minor character!  Sure, he has a larger role in the first couple episodes, but then he drifted into being a background character.  So for his character arc to suddenly begin to change doesn’t make sense.  There are other characters who I would love to see more from.  Summer Glau’s character, Orwell, had minor points of revelation earlier in the season.  This would’ve been the perfect episode to truly dive deeper into that.  It would be a great chance for Vince’s son, Trip to grow, especially since he had a decent role for most of the season (and was pretty much nonexistent in this episode).

Back to the storyline: Vince, as the Cape, decides to help, especially after Flemming’s goons try to rough up his wife and Marty.  After an attempted assassination attempt, Vince is able to bring his wife and Marty’s family to the Carnival of Crime for protection -- however Ark is quickly onto them.  The carnival thinks they can smuggle everyone out of the city.

During this escape, Vince ends up paired with Marty, who still does not know his identity.  After being mortally wounded, Marty expresses deep regret for his actions.  Vince, seeing his friend is telling the truth, reveals that he is the Cape, allowing Marty to die peacefully.

Strengthened by the death of their fall man, Ark grows even stronger.  Flemming is bent on capturing the Cape and destroying him.

That’s it.  That’s the end of the season.  Now, I realize they probably had completed most of this episode when they found out they were ending early and so they probably did the best they could to offer some sort of resolution.  However, this ended up being a poor resolution to a season, let alone a series.  The villain is stronger than ever, and the one person on the inside of Ark who stood any chance of helping Vince bring Ark down is dead.  And his wife and kid still don’t know he is alive since he’s the Cape whenever he’s around them.  The first half of the episode contains some of the strongest moments of the series.  The second half goes downhill.

Ark finds them because Marty’s daughter has a cell phone which is tracked.  Yet, several scenes before, Vince intentionally broke his wife’s phone knowing phones could be tracked.  Why not make sure everyone has their phone off?  Also, when Vince and Marty are caught under fire from Ark soldiers, they are within sight of everyone boarding a train to leave the area.  How come the Ark troops could see this random train leaving?  Why didn’t they track it?  Why, after Marty is shot by them do they take five minutes to advance, letting Marty spill his secrets to Vince and still giving Vince to escape?  How is it that a train can escape a city on full lockdown without being searched?  Things like these seem to result in a complete loss of logic in the second half of the episode, because at first I thought it could easily be the strongest episode for the show.

Now I’m left with one hope: that the next show Summer Glau is in is both good and doesn’t get cancelled…

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