Wednesday, February 23

Want to Help Finance an Independant Short Film?

Dear Future Investor,

Thank you for considering making a contribution towards the film Surrogate Mother. The production staff very much appreciates your assistance. It is our goal to create a quality film that will move and inspire audiences. Once the film is completed (in early May), the producers will enter it into numerous festivals with the intention of generating a profit via awards and other acknowledgments.

Surrogate Mother will not need funding for production or post-production equipment, as we will have access to $20,000 worth of equipment owned and managed by Cornerstone University. Funds raised through investors will be used for production design, marketing and distribution costs, craft services, and festival fees, plus miscellaneous production costs.

We realize the risk involved with investing in an independent film, and want to acknowledge your contribution with incentives to invest. An investment of any amount will be acknowledged on the official Surrogate Mother website, and the investors recognized as contributing toward the film.

An investment of $25 or more will be rewarded with an official Surrogate Mother T-shirt, plus the above rewards.

An investment of $50 or more will be acknowledged with a movie poster signed by the cast and crew, plus the above rewards.

An investment of $100 or more will be rewarded with a complimentary copy of the Surrogate Mother DVD once the film is out of the festival circuits, and the investors will receive special producers’ thanks in the end credits of the film and receive an invitation to attend the premier for free, plus the above rewards.

An investment of $500 or more will be rewarded with the associate producer’s package, which includes a making-of DVD, special associate-producer recognition in the end credits, a keepsake Surrogate Mother baby bottle, and the above rewards.

An investment of $1000 or more grants the investor an executive producer credit and invitation to the set of Surrogate Mother, plus all of the above and the producers’ eternal thanks.

In addition to all of the above, any investment $50 or over will be rewarded with 10 cents on the dollar return once the film has made $3000. No investor will make more than twice their original investment (including the return of their investment), and payback will be prioritized according to the highest investment (higher investors being paid first).

In summary, an investor who puts in $50 has the potential to make $50, in addition to receiving their original $50 back, but will not receive anything more than that (besides the rewards assigned to each amount).
Paperwork guaranteeing returns on the investment will be mailed to you should you choose to make the commitment. Investments can take the form of cash or check; any checks should be made payable to Sarah Schaefer. Information on receiving a copy of Surrogate Mother will be communicated to all investors once the film is out of festival circulation.

If you have any further questions regarding Surrogate Mother or the production process, feel free to contact producer and director Sarah Schaefer at Financial questions can be directed to Matt Miller, the film’s financial officer, at matthew.miller2@cornerstone.edu5.

More information on the film can be found at Surrogate Mother’s Facebook page. If a separate website is published, the link will be posted to Facebook or communicated to you otherwise, should you so desire, but until then please direct any questions to the contacts outlined above or to the crew member who forwarded you this information. Thank you for your time and consideration. We hope to hear from you soon.

Surrogate Mother Production Staff

I will forward any questions posted in the comments to the appropriate persons as well.  And for those who are wondering about my involvement in this: I will be the picture editor for the project.

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