Wednesday, February 23

About "Surrogate Mother"

About Surrogate Mother

Surrogate Mother is a short film about the importance of a mother's role in the life of her child. The majority of the story takes place inside a stalled elevator, where an up-and-coming businessman who is too busy for family and a young baby are trapped together waiting for rescue. During the course of his confinement, the businessman is forced to see to the needs of the helpless child. Needless to say, when the elevator doors finally open, our protagonist emerges a changed man.

Surrogate Mother is in need of about $1,000 worth of funding to go toward production design, post-production, and marketing costs. The majority of funds allocated to production design will be used to build an elevator with fly-away walls and doors, allowing the crew to manipulate light freely and well. Additional funding is also required for location fees, props, and other miscellaneous items.

Neither the cast nor the crew will receive payment for working on Surrogate Mother, but will be provided with meals and snacks during every shoot, plus complimentary Surrogate Mother memorabilia. Funding is required for this as well. Should the film do well in the festival circuit, the cast and crew will also benefit from those rewards.

Part of the beauty of Surrogate Mother is its simplicity. From a relatively small budget, we will create a truly powerful and entertaining 8-minute film. The entire production team is passionate about creating a quality product that will impact audiences for the better. The producers are grateful for any and every contribution toward our project.

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