Tuesday, December 14

The Social Network, a review

The Social Network

At first I was ho-hum when I heard about. But then I noticed the guys at ScriptShadow (who I follow quite closely now) reviewed the script and loved it. Reviews praising the film rolled in and I figured I had to see it.

The Social Network does so many things right. Right away they firmly establish Mark Zuckerberg’s character. It perfectly starts Mark’s emotional arc and is a key event in the film. Starting right on a forward movement really propels the story.

Even when characters are working on computers, a scene that would be boring in nearly any other movie, there is a feel of tension and driving force. Each character is introduced brilliantly. Stakes are constantly raised. There are three threads woven in this story. Two of them are lawsuits brought against Mark. Then, intertwined between these two lawsuits is the story of Mark Zuckerberg. While a bit about Facebook, it is more about the hurdles he faced and the people who influenced him, whether negatively or positively. Though for much of the film he is not entirely sympathetic, the final act brings everything to an emotional close. During this final act the tension continuously ratchets up.

This film has so many great qualities. The story is engaging and the characters have depth to them. Though often heavily fictionalized it does not prevent it from taking you on an emotional ride with the characters. It also deals with many themes, including friendship and greed which come across strongly in the film as well.

8/10 stars

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