Tuesday, October 26

"About" my blog

“About” pages….

I had one when I first created the blog. But it was dry and really boring, and very non descriptive. I laid out my planned ‘use’ of the blog, and nearly completely failed. About all I’ve used it for was to review products for Thomas Nelson’s Book Sneeze program. And that’s been great fun, giving me the opportunity to read many stories that I might not ever have picked up.

Ah. There’s that word. Story, the thing that drives everything. As one of my college professors says, “Story is king.” That is something that I would like to reflect more in this blog, and something I want anyone reading it to keep me accountable. I still plan on posting reviews for Thomas Nelson. But I want to do more than say if I liked it or not. I want to examine the story. Was it a story worth telling? Was it a story told well? If I fail to do that in a review, post a comment asking for that. I hope to become much more involved with this whole blogging thing, but some accountability will be needed.

I also hope to branch out beyond just Thomas Nelson products that I receive from Booksneeze. I hope to actually review other media. I also hope to examine stories that I have written, and offer my thoughts on stories happening in the world around us. Maybe I'll even post a few of the shorts that I've worked on. You'll just have to wait for those though :)

As a side note, unless indicated otherwise all my posts are my own creation and intellectual property. If you wish to republish any part of this blog, please contact me first.

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