Monday, May 10

Wonders Never Cease by Tim Downs

WARNING! If you are a fan of Tim Downs and are expecting something along the lines a Bug Man Novel, drop all expectations. This is not a gritty thriller that dives into the details of crime scenes leaving your heart pounding and sweat beading your forehead.

If you have never read Tim Downs and enjoy this book, be warned that his other books are much more intense.

Wonders Never Cease follows the story of nurse-should’ve-been-Doctor-Kemp McAvoy. One day an aging movie actress gets in a car accident and is put in a medically induced coma. Kemp is her night nurse and concocts an idea: make her think that she has seen an angel. He works with a publisher and an agent and they have a plan to strike it rich. At least, until the bumps come.

Wonders is a fun little book. It’s fast paced and everything is clear and concise. It’s not action driven like Downs’ other books, but it is a refreshing change. I think he proves that he knows more than just thrillers. The characters seemed real and there was enough humor and suspense to keep interested. Downs always is good on the research side, and seems to understand medical procedures quite well.

It is a lighter story though, and if you don’t want to read something lighter, you may not enjoy it. It is pretty simple, and fairly predictable but I left feeling satisfied.

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