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Plan B

Plan B
Plan B, by Pete Wilson, reads like a generic “What Do I Do When Something Terrible Happens and I’m Wondering Where God Is?” sort of book. He offers examples of time when things go wrong in life that God is still present, even if it is not obvious. He interchanges personal experiences with experiences of those close to him. However, often the experiences of those he knows are the most heart wrenching.

I feel awkward reading the book when in one chapter he tells a story about his son peeing in a swimming pool and in others he writes about friends who suffered dissolving marriages, deaths of those close to them, and much more. This isn’t to say Pete doesn’t have a voice in this pain. One chapter outlines how he and his wife went through a miscarriage, and I think that chapter is one of the strongest out of the book, and that is because it is the most personal to him. The other chapters clumsily move from a funny story of embarrassment to serious stories of heartbreak. While everyone needs to laugh, the funny stories are often out of place.

Second, as I mentioned at the beginning of the review, the book is generic. Almost every Christian self-help book I see now deals with finding God through personal crisis. And they all use the same Bible stories (Joseph) and all presume the reader is asking the same questions (But what did I do to deserve this?). This is not necessarily bad, but for me I don’t see a difference in reading a different book over another. If I was struggling, I would go first on a friend’s recommendation. If they recommended this one, then Great! If not, I’d choose a different one. There isn’t enough to differentiate the tangle of other books.
2/5 stars
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