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Search for God and Guinness

The Search for God and Guinness
When I think of a book about historical events I usually think President’s, war, and scientific discoveries. I don’t think of beer. However, that is what part of Stephen Mansfield’s The Search for God and Guinness is all about. Still, it’s not just about beer. Written by the same author as The Faith of George W. Bush and The Faith of Barak Obama.
Thus, you don’t just learn about the beer, you learn about the Guinness family. As it turns out, they were deeply spiritual. It is a story of faith and, as Mansfield writes, you can see just how deeply spiritual the Guinness family was.
In all honesty, I expected a pretty boring book. I received it through Thomas Nelson’s Book Review Bloggers program just so I could have another title to read while waiting for an updated list to chose from. However, the book ended up being more interesting that I would’ve thought. Throughout the book, the reader is treated to several of Guinness’s ideals, such as always keeping in mind future generations and that it is important to know the facts before acting upon something. These are both ideas which still ring true today.
I did find though, that the book felt slow. The chapters were unnecessarily long, and felt as if they dragged on for quite a while. There’s some interesting stuff in there which might interest those truly interested in learning more about Guinness, but for the casual reader, they may feel tired and bored at the end of it.
I wouldn’t recommend for a casual read, but if you’re truly interested in learning about Arthur Guinness and his legacy, it might be worth your time to check it out.
3/5 stars
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