Tuesday, September 22

Green by Ted Dekker

The very first book I ever read by Ted Dekker was “Three.” After that I was hooked and I rushed to the library to read every Ted Dekker book available. When a new book came out I would hurry to find it. Though some of his books have disappointed me (“Skin” and “Showdown”) I loved his Circle Trilogy, “Black,” “Red,” and “White.” Only now the trilogy has a fourth book: Green.
In short: Green is not as good as the trilogy, though hard core Dekker fans will love it.

In long: I’m a Dekker fan, but as stated about, I don’t like all of his work. Green had its moments. The writing was overall strong and I love the metaphors and themes that come with the Circle series and how well they were thought through. That said, I didn’t like the project showdown series, and references and characters from that bogged it down for me.

Another problem: This book is being touted as the prequel to “Black” and the sequel to “White.” In doing so, Dekker must write in such a way that new readers starting with “Green” do not get lost but also so that Circle enthusiasts will not get bored with stuff they already know. As a result there are times that both thoughts are encompassed. There are times wording got bogged down with information for new readers. At other points, I think new readers could get lost. Plus, I felt the resolution that makes the whole series circular was weaker than should’ve.

End result: It was great to see so many familiar characters (and a pain to see a select few) as well as re-immersing myself in the forest world I love it there. However, I also feel the book wasn’t needed. I think the Black, Red, and White seemed more complete to me without this book though. There was more mystery to everything, and mystery can work. Sometimes it’s okay to not know all the answers, and lately I feel Dekker is giving us unnecessary and occasionally boring answers.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson's Booksneeze program and received no compensation for writing this review.
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