Tuesday, September 29

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

A Million Mile in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller
Donald Miller is back! Yes! Long have I been anticipating his latest book (I actually didn’t even know he had a new one coming out until I checked Thomas Nelson’s web page and saw it). Needless to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated Blue Like Jazz, Searching For God Knows What, and To Own a Dragon. I will be up front and honest: if you do not like Donald Miller’s books, you will not like this one.

However, if you like it, or are new to Miller, this book is a treat. For one, you learn a bit about the process of turning Blue Like Jazz into a movie, and the cycle of adapting the story for screenplay. Miller writes with his trademark style of wit and thoughtfulness. He even has one of cartoons in here as well. You even learn a bit more about his father, a theme heavily explored in To Own a Dragon.

The main theme is this book is Story, and I would say Miller captures it quite wonderfully. I would like to consider myself a storyteller, and after reading this book I feel that I have an even better grasp of it.

If you are a Miller fan, I recommend this. If you are a storyteller, I would recommend this.
5/5 stars

Tuesday, September 22

Green by Ted Dekker

The very first book I ever read by Ted Dekker was “Three.” After that I was hooked and I rushed to the library to read every Ted Dekker book available. When a new book came out I would hurry to find it. Though some of his books have disappointed me (“Skin” and “Showdown”) I loved his Circle Trilogy, “Black,” “Red,” and “White.” Only now the trilogy has a fourth book: Green.
In short: Green is not as good as the trilogy, though hard core Dekker fans will love it.

In long: I’m a Dekker fan, but as stated about, I don’t like all of his work. Green had its moments. The writing was overall strong and I love the metaphors and themes that come with the Circle series and how well they were thought through. That said, I didn’t like the project showdown series, and references and characters from that bogged it down for me.

Tuesday, September 8

Fearless - Max Lucado

I have never read a Max Lucado book before.

Well, at least that I remember. I may have heard/read of his children’s books, but none come to mind. Fearless was my introduction to Max Lucado.

Overall, I liked this book. Lucado is a strong writer and uses examples that really connect. One of my favorite chapters in this book was the one on worry. Lucado did an excellent job in presenting different situations of worry. In reading it, it seemed as if he really knows how to connect with his readers, to understand them and to write for them.