Saturday, August 29

Let Go -- Sheila Walsh

Oh, how to begin?

First I’d like to clarify: This was not a terrible book; I just didn’t care for it much.
When I ordered it, I neglected to look at the subtitle: “Live Free of the Burdens all Women Know.” Whoops. Being a guy, I would not have ordered this book had I realized this. This was confirmed while reading it, because I was not the target audience at all! So, even though I didn’t connect with it, if you a women (or like this type of book) and you are going through struggle in life, this book may be of comfort you. I will attempt to explain my thoughts on different parts, and hopefully you will be able to judge whether this is the book to help you.
The book is not terribly written. Sentence structure is very readable, and Sheila Walsh is clear in the points she makes. In many of her chapters, she includes short anecdotes. A few of these I found extremely funny (they are intentionally funny) and some of them I found thoughtful. They helped me get through the book easier. After each story, comes Walsh’s thoughts, and then come questions for contemplation and a brief prayer. Through this, you can choose how deep you wish delve into each chapter. If a certain chapter is more impactful, you can take the extra time to contemplate the questions, or you can ignore them if you don’t like them.
However, if all of her chapters, there is nothing new. There is no new revelation that could help people. Everything I read, I am sure that you could find it in similar titles at a bookstore. Chapters include topics such as forgiveness, looking to the future, temptation, and hope. It is largely unoriginal. This is not to say you can’t learn from it, but don’t expect huge life changing revelations.
Ultimately, if you are a fan of Sheila Walsh, you will probably enjoy this book, or at least find it interesting.
2/5 stars.

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