Sunday, April 12

The Rivers Run Dry

The Rivers Run Dry is the second book about Special Agent Raleigh Harmon. Though I have not read the first book, I had no trouble at all delving into this story.
Harmon has been transferred to Seattle, on what appears to have been disciplinary action. While she is in Seattle, a hiker goes missing. Was foul play involved? Harmon works on the investigation, trying to follow any leads and meets with a wide array of colorful people, from a shady man brandishing lawyers, to a young mother addicted to both gambling and alcohol, to a clairvoyant who takes special interest in Harmon. Eventually a ransom note comes, and Harmon finally has an idea of who she is dealing with. Now all that is left is to not only find the missing hiker (hopefully alive), but to catch whoever kidnapped her. The Rivers Run Dry is filled with suspense and mystery.
Well written, author Sibella Giorello managed to hold my attention throughout the story. While not reading did not seem to hinder my following and understanding of the plot, I feel that I did not always have as strong a grasp on Harmon’s character as I could’ve from reading the first book. Also, Harmon’s character is a geologist, and I felt a couple of jabs against evolution detracted from the story, as they felt forced and not need.
Still, on the whole, it was an enjoyable read, and I hope to pick up the first book. Maybe it will help clear up a few things and make the story even more enjoyable the next time around.
3/5 stars.

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