Monday, April 27

The Noticer

How does one sum up The Noticer, for it is a story of life: life’s tragedies, hopes, and remedies.
Plot-wise, it is a story of a man named Jones, who goes about offering a little of what he calls, ‘perspecitive.’ He mostly stays out of sight, noticing things about people. Small things. And sometimes he comes out and lets the people know his observations. They are always helpful, and prod the people to think about their actions in ways they never thought of, never noticed before.
Andy Andrews has crafted an intriguing little book. It’s a quick read, at only a little longer than 150 pages. Still, it is a gripping tale. He has a way of writing fiction that really stirs the mind. Some of the ideas and themes I read in The Noticer, I have heard before. However, I haven’t heard them like this. There is something different than hearing someone dryly talking about the same issues as presented in the book. So tightly woven is the story and characters, that the themes are allowed to resonate with readers, allowing them to truly take to heart and ponder the message. This isn’t a book you can read expecting to be entertained and then lay it down and forget about. While you hopefully will enjoy the story, it will feel different than most other books. You won’t forget about what you read, and you will think about if for days on end. Even a week after I finished it, thoughts on the book keep rising to my mind, making me think about things I never quite thought of before.

Reviewed for Thomas Nelson's book review bloggers.

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