Saturday, April 25

Face of Betrayal

Cassidy (a reporter), Allison (a Federal Prosecutor), and Nicole (an FBI agent) are very close friends. They decide to call themselves the Triple Threat. All three of them become involved in the case of Katie, a missing senate page. Questions surround the disappearance: suicide, running away, or kidnapping. Who was responsible? Led in part by clues from Katie’s myspace page, the hunt is on. At each turn the three are startled by the possibilities…including the possibility of a senator’s involvement in the disappearance.

When I first picked up this book, I was excited. The cover was interesting, and the plot description made it sound like exactly my type of book. I jumped into the story right away and soon found out that I was wrong. As a whole, the book was very uninteresting. For one, the authors throw in random snippets of information or dialogue that has not relevance to the plot or characters, and actually serves to detract from the book. Often times I would read a paragraph and stop with a confused expression on my face, because there was absolutely no point in the description I just read. Beyond that, the book tries to tackle many, many themes. Most of them are quickly thrown in, and then a solution is given if the theme revolves around a life problem. However, all of these smaller themes detract from the main idea and theme of the book, resulting in more distraction. I felt that the courtroom scenes had many clich├ęs in them, and at least one of them made me groan outloud.

Though a few elements of the plot were interesting, I felt the writing was not paced fast enough or dramatically enough to make them effective. Even the climax of the book felt a bit stale, and was over too quickly, in fact, it wasn’t until the end when I realized the climax was the climax, because I didn’t feel as if I experienced a climatic moment.

Though the book isn’t downright terrible, I found it boring, and very uninteresting.

Reviewed for Thomas Nelson’s book review bloggers.

2/5 stars.

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