Friday, March 27

The Word of Promise -- Review

The Word of Promise: Next Generation c.d. set proved to be a very convenient way to listen to the Bible. Whether driving, studying, or working out, I can quickly flip it on and chose what part of the New Testament to listen to. On top of that, it isn’t even like listening to dry book on tapes, with one person attempting to do a wide array of voices. Rather celebrities such as Sean Astin, Annasophia Robb, Cody Linley, and Jordan Sparks all join the voice talent, and there are many more people behind them. It is an extremely well produced set.
However, although the voice talent is easy to listen to, many of them sound too young. Jesus (Cody Linley) sounds like a teenager, not like an adult. This is probably because Cody is only 19. Jesus’ lines aren’t alone either. Many of the characters sound too young, as a result of many of the voice talent being teenage celebrities, with only a few exceptions. That being said, I think that perhaps those in their early teens, who pay more attention to these teenage stars would enjoy this immensely. Perhaps teenage girls could use it to share the gospel with their friends, playing up the fact that Corbin Bleu and Cody Linley both perform in it. In that sense, I believe that this c.d. set could prove to be a useful evangelical tool. I do not think this will appeal as well to adults who may have a hard time accepting youth voicing the roles of Jesus and his disciples.
3/5 stars

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