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Rachel's Tears review

Rachel’s Tears by Beth Nimmo and Darrell Scott
There are some events that will never be forgotten. Among them is the Columbine shooting in 1999 which claimed the lives of thirteen people, including Rachel Joy Scott. Rachel’s Tears is comprised mainly with stories from her parents about their life before and after the shooting, and the dramatic change in their lives as a result of this horrible event as well as entries from her personal diary. Included in this 10 year anniversary book is a short interview with both parents.
This is a book filled with emotion. Many stories are shared of Rachel and her faith. It is amazing to read about a teenage who felt so strongly in her belief in God and did not shy away from it. One of the most powerful chapters in this book is the first chapter, in which first Rachel’s mom (Beth), and the dad (Darrell), recount what they went through on the day of the shooting, and the days after. It will likely bring a tear to your eye. Her mother, especially, has a way of telling the story that makes it seem personal. Though both parents are open and reflective in their remembering, Beth goes into much more detail than Darrell. In reading Beth’s memories of Rachel’s life, Rachel began to feel like someone I had met, someone who I could feel that I knew at some point in my life.
Though this was a good book, the placement of the journal entries did seem a bit confusing. Though it offered further insight into Rachel’s life and mind, often they seemed to be placed randomly. Within chapters, it seems the entries placed there didn’t really relate to the chapter, but was rather an extra tid bit of information. I think it would’ve been more appropriate to either have the text directly reference the journal entries, or to have created a whole new chapter dedicated solely to the journal entries. However, that does not detract from the emotional impact of the story.
4/5 stars.

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